Conference 8.11.2019


Will Helsinki become multicultural, what does the research say?
Specialist Pasi Saukkonen, City of Helsinki, Unit for Urban Research and Statistics

If I could re-plan Stockholm
Professor at Institute for Housing and Urban Research  Roger Andersson, Uppsala universitet


A multicultural capital without segregation?
Assistant Professor Venla Bernelius, Department of Earth Science and Geography /Urbaria University of Helsinki


Towards an antiracistic school 2040
Ph.D. Alemanji Aminkeng Atabong researcher at the University of Helsinki

An Equal City
Associate Professor in Social Work, Mehrdad Darvishpour, Mälardalens högskola

A city without racism and discrimination
Trainer and method developer Anja Norell, The Multicultural Centre – MKC Botkyrka.


From suppressed subculture to national pride
Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture KTH Jan Hietala 

A city where everyone’s voice is heard
Creative Director Joachim Granit, Färgfabriken Stockholm